Victoria Goes Expo

2005 Melbourne, Australia

Victoria Goes Expo commissioned by the Victorian Government’s Department of Innovation, Investment Research, and Development for The Virtual Room platform as a six minute stereographic video movie providing an insight into the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan. It features a tour through the pavilions of Australia, Korea, Bhutan, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, and Nepal. The documentary style scenography and voiceover focuses also on general views of the Expo site itself. It was rendered as a single stereo film showing simultaneously on each of the eight-screens of The Virtual Room. The work is significant for developing techniques in stereoscopic videography recorded in the field. The documentary took advantage of the opportunities presented by the stereo medium to film scenes that displayed excellent depth queues. 

The Victorian Government’s key objective was to bring the excitement and atmosphere of the Expo to regional Victorians. A second Virtual Room was commissioned to fulfil this objective in September, 2005. The exhibition travelled to five regional locations (Hamilton, Bright, Bendigo, Morwell and Mildura) and was visited by 13,440 people. Feedback from random exit surveys indicates that the tour was successful.

Exhibition Record
2005/08/01 - 11/01
Regional tour, Victoria, Australia
2005/08/01 - 11/01
The Virtual Room, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Australia