Safe House

2020 Hong Kong, China

Collaborator: Jeffrey Shaw

Software: Cheong Tai-leong Leoson

A commercial steel locker cabinet is transformed into a cabinet of (human) curiosities. The viewer uses an iPad to virtually open any of the locker door. The artwork's 'augmented reality' capability to look into these locker rooms is provided by iPad camera's recognition of a pattern printed over the surface of the entire locker, which is photograph of the COVID 19 virus. Within each of the lockers is an elderly human figure – half of whom are male and the other female, and they are each exercising by repeating certain movements derived from motion capture libraries for video games. This Duchampian assemblage of 'found objects' bespeaks less of the metaphysical condition of humankind than of the circumstances of enforced social isolation under the sign of Covid 19; less of existential solitude than of the pataphysical affirmation of a life that continues to go on within the compass of what comes to pass.

Exhibition Record
2020/11/24 - 2021/05/02
Art Machines Past/Present, Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2021/07/23 - 08/31
Asia Digital Art Exhibition, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China