Flying Mythological Horses

2022 Hong Kong, China

Collaborator: Jeffrey Shaw

In Flying Mythological Horses, there are four suspended screens positioned at varying heights. These screens showcase 3D animated depictions of three airborne horses sourced from the Palace Museum collection. Additionally, the exhibit cleverly weaves in cross-cultural allusions to winged horses from both Iranian and Greek traditions.

The intention is for visitors to experience a unique journey within the gallery. As they move about, they will occasionally glance upward and witness these legendary horses in motion. These imaginative creatures exist within a virtual realm, and this virtual reality is brought to life through the projections onto the screens. Essentially, the screens transform into gateways that transport observers into an ancient mythological realm, allowing these horses of antiquity to take flight within the gallery space.

Exhibition Record
2022/07/03 - 12/31
Grand Gallop: Art and Culture of the Horse, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong Kong, China