Eye of Nagaur

2008 Nagaur, India

Collaborator: Jeffrey Shaw

Production: Museum Victoria, Melbourne

The Fort of the Hooded Cobra, Ahhichatragarh, is located at Nagaur, 135 km northeast of Jodhpur. A rich history and distinctive Rajput-Mughal architecture give it a special importance among India's heritage sites. Eye of Nagaur consists of twenty high-definition spherical, panoramic images taken at Ahhichatragarh that can be selected and navigated interactively on a 3 m diameter circular screen. The interaction paradigm has an affinity with that of PLACE - Hampi (2004), offering a ring of spherical images that the viewer can rotate, and then select a particular sphere to enter into. The navigation console then allows viewers to rotate their points of view within each of these panoramic scenes, exploring in all directions the prepossessing views of ceilings, floors, wall decorations, waterways and other features that these images have to offer. Viewers are also able to zoom in on specific details, while continuing to pan across the scene. The production of this work utilized an ultra-high-resolution, high-dynamic-range digital panoramic scanning camera that allows the installation to incorporate the megapixel-resolution spherical, panoramic images of this fort that its interaction paradigm requires.

Project initiated/commissioned by Terry Glenn Phipps, supported by Museum Victoria, Seitz, His Highness Maharaja Gajsingh II of Marwar-Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Helen Hamlyn Trust and the Lady Hamlyn.

Exhibition Record
2010/06/26 - 06/29
ALiVE Inaugural Exhibition, ALiVE, Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong, China