2015 Sydney, Australia

Collaborator: Paul Bourke, Peter Morse

DomeLab, an immersive, 6-metre wide ultra-high-resolution projection environment, will premiere with 16 art, science and technology movies curated specifically for the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) launch at UNSW

An Australia-first platform for innovative full-dome research, DomeLab pioneers cutting edge interactive visualisations driven by eight projectors in concert with a surround audio system. It is the highest resolution touring full-dome in the world and will be used to advance new frontiers for UNSW research in diverse areas of medical visualisation, interactive media, future museology and experimental humanities projects.

DomeLab is a post-cinematic and aesthetically potent research environment which has its technological roots in everything from domed architecture to planetariums, projection mapping, flight simulation, and virtual reality. In the era of digital big data, we are extending the boundaries of perception with impacts not only for researchers but also for social engagement with complex information.

Fully transportable, DomeLab is supported by an Australia Research Council grant in collaboration with 10 other organisations and will tour internationally over the next five years.

With the support of the UNSW MCIC, DomeLab’s global premiere showcased a diverse range of sixteen immersive visualisation applications from simulation science in astrophysics (revealing the how dark matter affects the large scale structure of the universe) to tiny structures captured from 3D microCT scans, curated by Sarah Kenderdine.

Exhibition Record
2015/08/29 - 12/21
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia